Biological PRP therapy

Η βιολογική θεραπεία με PRP (αυτόλογο πλάσμα)

How many times do we stop an exercise or activity because of the pain we feel in a joint?

How many times do we struggle even in our daily routine?

Some of us will receive medication with or without the advice of a doctor.

Others will resort to physiotherapy and follow a rehabilitation-strengthening programme.

Finally there are those who will choose the time to give the solution with or without the advice of a scientist in the field.

Everyone is right. As long as they have been properly and honestly informed. About their condition and the possible options.

Biological therapy is based on the use of our own platelets through the plasma obtained by the process of centrifuging our own blood.
It should not and does not promise miracles. It is certainly an alternative that can offer us a quality of life without drugs and without side effects.

The whole procedure takes place in the clinic and lasts 30 minutes.

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